About and Statement

M a t aT i m u r

Created in 2010 by a Yogyakarta-based artist, Rita Dharani. MataTimur is a local independent brand pioneering in producing contemporary wooden cutting board, kitchen necessities, and servingware in Indonesia.

MataTimur believes that to change the world for the better, we should initiate goodness first in our own domestic space. MataTimur, thus, chose the kitchen as one of the most important spaces of a house to explore their design concept.  The kitchen embodies all aspect of life; from the ecological to the economic, from the social, and cultural to the personal and political aspect. MataTimur’s tagline “menyusup lewat dapur “ or “slippin in thru the kitchen” means to sneak in critical awareness, humor, and sweetness, by here and there adding images or playing with words on its fully functional timeless kitchen products.

MataTimur obtains the wood from a local community forest farmer groups. All the product design are adjusting the availability of the wood from the farmers’ harvest. It’s biodegradable and finished with natural food grade ingredients of coconut oil and beeswax. Customers could not order particular type of wood.

MataTimur then develop the product into various goods and food to deepen the deed.

Find your message, your heart, and your statement, through MataTimur’s kitchen collection.

Thank you for supporting independent design.
slippin in thru the kitchen ~ menyusup lewat dapur

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